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Animal Communication

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I will be connecting psychically with your animal, via a photograph to listen to and understand what they want to say. In the session, I am given information that can relate to health, both physically and mental/emotional, plus usually some other details that are personal to your animal and you. You may want to ask questions, and I usually offer for you to ask up to three questions if you have a particular reason for your enquiry, or you can just let the communication bring what the animal wants to share. I ask for a clear photograph of your animal that shows their face/eyes and ask that no other animal or person be in the photo, so that I can connect to them on a focused way. I don't usually ask for anything about them apart from their name and age.

Customer Testimonial on Animal Communication -  I had two lovely pet readings today from Natalie.  I was totally blown away by the amount of details I was given. Lots of information that only I would know about my two boys. It was lovely reading how they felt and memories they have, also pointing out anything health related. 

Jo N

Customer Testimonial on Animal Communication - OMG, you are the best! This is a hundred percent accurate.  I could relate with every line and got goose bumps reading this.  this was so magical to read.

Tanya S

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