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Cacao Ceremony
& Dance

Friday 29th September 2023
7.00pm - 10.00pm

An invitation to sit in circle and connect with the medicine of mama cacao.  This plant medicine teacher is chocolate in its raw form before any processing, and her medicine invites you to open your heart and journey with her to feel into places in yourself that need healing, releasing and rediscovering.

By sitting in circle, we bring a sacred element in that helps our soul come forward, remembering the old ways of connecting to self and community.

I will lead us on a shamanic journey with drum and rattle to meet with the spirit of cacao and then we will move into dance, inviting a somatic experience to bring all that we have met/received to life, embodying it through movement and dance, allowing the music soundscape to guide us.


People Dancing at Concert
Dancing queens 1
Cleanse with Palo Santo
Dancing queens
Me up to Inti arms
SHamanic Drum
Singing Bowl close
Memorial Hall Pic.jpg

No journeying experience necessary, just a willingness to explore yourself, your inner world and what movements want to be expressed. Let music and sound be our guide and lets connect, dance and open!

To be held at The Memorial Hall in Shrivenham
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