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Shamanic House/Space Clearing

  • Have you ever walked into a room in your home and felt it somehow feels unwelcoming?


  • Do you have spaces in your home that you just do not use, have no energetic pull to be in there at all?


  • Perhaps there always seems to be arguments, money issues, or general discord in the home or in particular areas/rooms in your home?

All of the above can have various reasons why they are happening and there can be wider implications, such as feng shui principles of element consideration, underground water present and ley lines to name a few, but this can also be a build up of stagnant, blocked, depleted or incongruent energy just like in and around your own energy body/aura.


Energy work isn't just about focusing on your own personal energy, but also extends to your environment, as all of yours and also any previous inhabitants energy will have dispersed and built up here in various ways.

In the same way as clearing, balancing and rejuvenating your own personal energy is good for your health, energy space and house clearing is also a really great edition to your general energy hygiene. Just as you would hoover regularly, dust and clean the space physically, energy clearing is equally beneficial to invite health, prosperity and general balance to your life and personal space.


A clearing can be done either physically at the property or I can link in at distance and conduct a session for homes anywhere in the world.

Clearing will include:

  • Initial clearing of the space, via shamanic techniques which include, rattling, communication & journeying into subtle energy space, palo santo smoke cleansing.

  • Inviting new energy via water blessing 

  • Offering flower petals to connect with masculine and feminine principles.

Please contact me via the link below to provide more information on the size of your home, so I can offer the appropriate cost for a booking.

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Client Feedback

When Natalie came to space clear my sons flat, I didn't really know what to expect.  She went into each room and performed a cleansing ceremony. There were a couple of areas that she spent a lot more time on, some energies were more deep rooted than others. Different methods were used to help move on any stuck and stagnant energies. Flowers and candles were used towards the end. Natalie is guided by her insight and experience. She is extremely thorough and a true professional in her work. The whole place felt so much lighter, and peaceful after she finished. Thank you Natalie, I will be looking at my house next.
Krys B

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