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Shamanic Energy Work & Alignment £90

A shamanic energy session works on taking a specific issue you have or any current block, challenge or area of your life that isn’t working and identifying its cause, whether that be an experience a year ago or twenty years ago, or maybe even from a previous lifetime. By talking about the current presentation of your issue, we can 'activate it' in your energy field, so I can look at understanding the story woven into it, look at parts of yourself you have lost because of it and how it 'sits' in your being creating current behaviour and internal/external situations. In your session I will identify and clear the most affected chakra (energy centre) and attend to anything that is compromising your energy flow. You will leave your session with a new energy 'map' that is created by you and me, as homework for you to take away and work with, to support your movement forward and help you embrace change, new ways of thinking and feeling and inviting new parts of yourself into your awareness. This is an important part of the process that helps to integrate your newly available energy.

Customer Testimonial on Shamanic Energy Work & Alignment - ONLINE SESSION

I didn't have any expectations about how the session would be. The only exception I personally had before the session was that I wanted to feel something.  I had a little reservation towards the fact that I had to change the session to be online. But this reservation went out of the window as soon as we started. You just get drawn into it and forget this detail. Since everything is energy, we are all connected no matter the distance. I felt very much connected to the session as soon as we started. I just tried to be present, which is something I can struggle with, and this felt very easy with Natalie. I felt much lighter at the end of the session. Something was definitely shifted. And kept feeling the same every time I did my 'homework'!   


Joao F.R Miranda  

Customer Testimonial on Shamanic Energy Work & Alignment -

Natalie is such a warm, open person and my sessions with her were always really transformative.  She helped me through some difficult emotions and I came away with a real appreciation for shamanic work.

Becci S

Customer Testimonial on Shamanic Energy Work & Alignment -

I was fortunate to be introduced to Natalie by a mutual friend and have experienced Natalie's healing techniques first-hand, which had a profound healing effect. I literally felt an internal shift and removal of negativity that I was burdened with.

Rae L

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