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Shamanic Intuitive Mentoring.

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Where have you been all your life?

How easy do you think it is, to make your dreams a reality? Do you even know what your dream is?


To align with the energy of creating your dream, there are fundamental things that need to be present:


  • Believing your dream is TOTALLY possible.

  • Seeing clearly how it looks to be living it.

  • Recognising how you would feel when living this dream.

  • Acknowledging any beliefs that are obstacles to your dream.

  • Doing the work to clear above obstacles to prepare the way for welcoming your expanded multi-dimensional soul energy. 


We will uncover the real reasons that hold you in a place of stagnancy, confusion, or repeating patterns. This may be occurring in the workplace, relationships, family dynamics, self-image or somewhere else. Whatever the obstacle, even if it seems insurmountable, we can work together towards your dream reality.  To do this, we will be:


  • Looking at patterns of thought and behaviour that keep you locked in the past, holding you back.

  • Journeying into the subconscious to find stored blocks, release old wounds from the past.

  • Inviting in your new soul template energy.

  • Upgrading and installing new beliefs.

  • Claiming your hidden GOLD, those aspects of yourself waiting to be integrated, so you can live as your most expanded self.

Options to Book
90 min Focus Session - 6 weeks, 3 or 6 month
Commitment Journey

What people say about working with me
Although I had no idea what to expect working with Natalie, she brought to light the need to have tough conversations among other things. I felt empowered after her session and wasted no time in following her guidance.
Sarah M
I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your guidance, wisdom and support during our session. Your healing presence and transformative energy have left a profound impact on me. I deeply appreciate the energy and intention you put into our session, thank you.
Richard C
I felt safe, held, seen and heard by Natalie. The changes that happened in my life literally sent me in a new positive direction and connected me to past of myself I didn't know existed. Natalie has an incredible gift and I highly recommend reaching out to her for anything that may be stuck or needing new direction.
Lillie W
Prompted by Natalie's gentle questioning, realisations about my past patterns and behaviours became glaringly clear. I hadn't realised the weight of such burdens until I began to forgive myself and let them go. I left the session feeling much lighter and freer than I've felt in a long time, and this feeling has lasted long after the experience.
Cheryl D
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