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Soul Journey Retreat - Sacred Valley, Peru 2025
4th January - 17th January 

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Come and experience an extraordinary journey

The Sacred Valley, Peru is a place where magic happens. The land here is full of energy portals and nusta energy (a name in the Q'ero cosmology which means the feminine energy that abundantly flows from the mountains, rivers/lakes and mother earth), which means it is very easy to spend our days in ceremony and sacred process.

You will be invited in many different ways to start peeling back the layers of your normal life, to become aware of patterns, stories, old memories that are holding you back from living in a way that nurtures and sustains you.

Through a beautiful combination of Q'ero Ceremonies held with Q'ero Pampamisayoc Santos Apaza and his wife Ermentania, visiting sacred mountains and high energy temple spaces, we will walk a path for two weeks of honoring the sacred both within ourselves and in the environment. As we remember how to connect to ourselves and our reality in this way, a deep remembering can happen of the way the ancestors have walked.

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Your Soul is Calling

Do you long for an experience that leaves you changed forever?

Having been to the Sacred Valley for the third time now, and this time having stayed for five months, I have really had the opportunity to see just how potent the energy here is, for transformation. My own journey has been full of insights, realisations and change and my wish is to offer you that same container for transformation and movement forward.   

In a world that is so full of 'noise' we often find ourselves in a momentum of continued producing and consuming and don't generally have the inner stillness or time set aside to communicate with the other layers of our being.  Our soul voice is drowned out by the mental space, that assesses everything and continually looks for answers. This can lead to soul loss in many ways, and this journey is an invitation to come home, calling yourself back into fullness with love, gratitude and connection.

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The Q'ero Path

A people full of heart-centred love that you can't help but be touched by

Having met the Q'ero teachings 12 years ago, I have had the honour and opportunity to sit in ceremony, receive karpay and work/travel with various Q'ero over that time and the overriding experience that is the same with all of these beautiful people, originally from the mountains, is their childlike innocent heart energy.


Sitting in ceremony, using coca leaves and offering Haywarikay (Despacho) among others, is central to life for them and it really reminds me that we have lost the memory of making life a ceremony, of giving thanks and gratitude to the earth and other elements, this respect and offering of gratitude is termed 'ayni' in the Q'echua language.  A practice of reciprocity that brings us back into balance with not only ourselves, but with others and the world around us. This new harmony is what is needed for healing our world.

Our home for the majority of our stay*

Pachananda Retreat Centre

A stunning retreat space set high behind the city of Cusco, surrounded by Eucalyptus trees and only walking distance from the beautiful Templo de la Luna ruin. Offering a quiet container that holds you with such potent energy and the love of the land there, it is the perfect environment to hold ceremony, take quiet reflection time between activities and start to establish daily practices that will serve you for many years to come.

On a clear day there is an extraordinary view from the retreat centre, of the snow-capped Apu Ausangate (thought to be the 'Grandfather' of mountains in the Q'ero cosmovision), who sits in the South-East looking over Cusco.

Pachananda will be our base, apart from when we travel to the sacred Apu Wamanlipa in the Q'eros.

* We will be away for 3 nights whilst on our trip to Apu Wamanlipa in the Q'eros.

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Room Options

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Dorm Room
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Shared Room
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Trip Structure - What's Included

  • Stay at Pachananada Retreat Centre for 10 nights.

  • Stay in Wamanlipa (Q'eros) 3 nights.

  • All food (3 meals a day) at Pachananda Retreat Centre and when out on any trips.

  • All travel costs to sacred sites and Apus.

  • Fixed time collection from airport on arrival.

  • Tickets to enter sites.

Example Day

7.00am ~ Meditation/Yoga

8.30am ~ Breakfast

10.00am ~ Sharing Circle/Setting intentions

12.30pm ~ Lunch

3.00pm ~ Intro to the Q'ero Path/Despacho Ceremony

6.00pm ~ Dinner

7.30pm ~ (Optional) Evening wind down meditation/journey


What's not included

  • Flights to Peru - Cusco

  • Private excursions/shopping

  • Private 1-2-1 Q'ero Healings/Coca Leaf Readings/personal treatments (e.g Massage)

  • Any tips given to drivers or cooks

  • Restaurant Dining (by personal choice)

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Host Cancellation & Refund Policy

The retreat host reserves the right to cancel or reschedule this trip for any reason including unforeseen circumstances and dynamic conditions such as those related to COVID-19 and related travel restrictions such as border closures. If the retreat is cancelled due to a circumstance out of your control, you will be promptly alerted, and you will be refunded 100% of the amount you have paid beyond the £500 non-refundable deposit. We encourage you to buy your own travel insurance for coverage of cancellations within 30 days of the tour commencing for reasons other than a full tour cancellation. Also, the retreat host is not responsible for your preparation expenses, such as airline tickets, extra accommodations, loss of work, or any other cost associated with preparing for your trip. Again, we recommend booking travel insurance, along with refundable flights etc. in case of cancellations.

Participant Cancellation & Refund Policy

If you wish to cancel your retreat you must notify Natalie Gray ("The Host") via email There are no refunds on deposits. There are also no refunds paid after November 30, 2024. Exceptions to our cancellation policy cannot be made for ANY reason, including weather, terrorism, civil unrest, health changes, personal emergencies or otherwise.

There is no refund or adjustment for arriving late or leaving a trip early.

We recommend booking travel insurance, along with refundable flights etc. in case of cancellations.

As a participant you may cancel your trip up until November 30, 2024 for partial refunds, according to the following schedule.


Refund schedule:

On or before September 15, 2024 - 100% of monies paid in excess the £500 non-refundable deposit

After September 15, 2024 - 75% of monies paid in excess of the £500 non-refundable deposit

After October 31, 2024 - 50% of paid monies in excess of the £500 non-refundable deposit

After November 30, 2024 - No refunds issued

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