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Grounding & Cleansing Guided Journey

Grounding & Cleansing Guided Journey

This guided meditation will take you through a quick and easy way to clear your energy body and develop a strong grounding chord with the earth.


The purpose of this is, the more you develop this habit, it can help you to keep your energy clearer, and encourage a more grounded and connected approach to your life as you become more present and connected in your body.


Just some of the benefits to being grounded and energetically clearer:


  • More organised and available for whats asked of you in life
  • Strengthen your ability to connect to manifestion ability
  • More availible energy, increased vitality
  • Clearer thinking and feeling
  • MP3 File

    This is a download that can be used as many times as you like.

    Copyright Natalie Gray 2022

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