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Client Testimonials

Straight From the Source


Group Souldance Session -

I took part in a soul dance session lead by Natalie, and this was an amazing experience. When I was younger, dancing was very natural, and over the years, moving and expressing emotions with my body is becoming harder, as if an inner resistance made of shame, self-consciousness, and even fear had built up. Natalie is holding a very safe space to allow ourselves to get back in touch with our bodies and primal emotions, and her gentle guidance speaks to the heart more than the mind. Thank you for enabling this wonderful (re)connection to happen, and to share your light and grounding energy with so much joy. I definitely need more of this magic in my life!!!”


Cacao Ceremony


I joined a recent cacao ceremony led by Natalie. It was my first time working with cacao. The ceremony had a sacred and transformational feel with wonderful guidance from Natalie. I experienced a great sense of being nurtured, loved and mothered, which soothed the  nervous system and supported confidence, greater intuition and self belief. Highly recommended.


Shamanic Energy Healing

Natalie is such a warm, open person and my sessions with her were always really transformative.  She helped me through some difficult emotions and I came away with a real appreciation for shamanic work.

Becci S

Animal Healing


I have now used Natalie on a couple of my horses. She has given me a deeper understanding of there feelings on a physical and subtle level which can then help me help them.
She is currently helping my youngster have more confidence in his own abilities.
I’m very grateful to have found such a gifted lovely lady.
I would highly recommend her to anyone for equines or themselves.


Reiki Healing -

I had Reiki healing with Natalie and WOW what an incredible experience. From entering her space it was warm and welcoming and she made me feel super comfortable straight away. The actual treatment was amazing. I had been physically unwell and generally feeling a very low vibration energy around me since coming back from a pilgrimage. I genuinely felt a huge shift in energy and saw a blinding white light above my eyes during the treatment. She gave me so much information and insight into what she had felt and what she saw while she was removing the energy blocks. I explained what I had experienced and she said my entire Aura turned white during the process which was incredible. We sat and chatted for a while after sharing our stories together. Natalie is a very gifted and kind hearted lady and anyone who is sensitive to energy will be able to feel that. A day after the treatment my physical symptoms of severe lethargy, nausea, headache etc all disappeared and my energy levels had come back. I am over the moon to say the least. I would 100% recommend her to everyone and am getting vouchers for my mums birthday as everyone should experience this powerful and unique healing. Thank you so much. I will be back again ♥

Lahni B

Cacao Ceremony


The cacao ceremony with Natalie was a great experience. I’m grateful for the deep connection and dance with Mama Cacao, who showed me how I want to work with my wild feminine and sensual side. I felt very safe in the setting with Natalie, the space she had created, and our sharing within the group. I realised how I am coming closer to be my authentic self, through embodying self love and compassion, and this was helpful in connecting with all those things in a new way. I would love to do this again. It’s something I can truly recommend.


Cacao Ceremony


At the start of the session with Natalie, I felt fragile, a little lost and disconnected from my body. Her reassuring warmth and calmness quickly put me at ease as she guided me into a relaxed and meditative state. Sipping the cacao, I began to feel nurtured and nourished from within. I left the session much lighter and more free than I've felt in a long time, and this feeling has lasted long after the experience. I am truly grateful to Natalie for her kindness and generosity of spirit, and I highly recommend her shamanic cacao journey.


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