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Animal Healing with Communication £50

Animals are no exception where healing is concerned, and also benefit from Reiki. The animals energy can become blocked, unbalanced, depleted or over stimulated. As a result there are any number of symptoms your animal can suffer with, very similar to humans they can present with physical issues ranging from but not limited to - skin, digestive, or muscular problems, behavioral issues such as toileting problems (indoor pets), damaging their environment, social problems and many more.


In the same way as described in Reiki for people, by passing energy to your animal, this can facilitate the rebalancing of their energy field and the body's own natural ability to heal. This in turn affects all levels of their mental, emotional, physical and energetic state.


As Reiki works on the subtle energy body, it does not have to be conducted in person.  Therefore as I'm no longer a mobile therapist, I only now work with animals on a distance healing basis from a photograph, as sessions work equally as well and are also ideal for clients with animals who are not local to the Faringdon (Oxfordshire, UK) area. Animal communication goes .hand in hand with a healing session and nearly always comes when I work with an animal. There may be some information shared in a reiki session that is often helpful for the healing, but can also be a way of bringing comfort and insight to the owner.

Customer Testimonial for Animal Reiki (Distance Session) - I would very much like to recommend Natalie and her reiki healing for my cat who has come out of her shell and become her true personality. She was a rescue and timid and scared of her own shadow and the reiki has not only helped her ear and eye problems to a certain degree but has bought out her wonderful and loveable personality and she is now vocalising what she wants in a way that I can understand her. I cannot thank Natalie enough for giving her precious energy to help improve Daisy's health and disposition. I would thoroughly recommend Natalie to help your animals as well. Thank you Natalie.

Elizabeth M

Customer Testimonial for Animal Reiki - My horse, Dexter has had a really tough 12 months. He has been very unwell with a medley of conditions which all arose in very quick succession, it has been truly devastating and very much "touch and go" as to whether Dexter would pull through. In honesty we are still not 100% sure of the outcome, we are very much living in the moment. All I can say, wholeheartedly, is that whatever the outcome, Nat has brought peace to Dexter through animal communication, and relief through Reiki. I have an extremely hard time administering the drugs and treatment Dexter needs to give him the best chance possible, but with Nat's help Dexter now willingly accepts what I ask from him- his behaviour has totally changed! He is now happy, and motivated to work with me and to fight! With Reiki, Dexter has made big improvements to his general health. He has been a long sufferer of extreme mallanders, and more recently equine asthma. Nat has been working with Dexter for a couple of months now, and the improvement is amazing. Dexter still has a lot of healing to do, but his mentality, well-being and ailments have all drastically improved- thanks to Nat! Dexter is usually a bit of a menace when it comes to any kind of stranger handling him (farrier, chiro, physio etc), but he treats Nat with a (very rare!) sort of respect, I feel he looks forward to his Reiki sessions with Nat and he always comes away seemingly energised over the following few days.

Sarah H

Customer Testimonial - Distance Reiki


Hi Natalie,

Just wanted to tell you how thankful we are for your session last week. We took Maki and Renji to the vet today.

Doing the visualizations, explaining the process and having the mental distance certainly made a difference!

She was still a little anxious but was a lot more comfortable than last time.


Mel S

Customer Testimonial - Distance Reiki

I have now used Natalie on a couple of my horses. She has given me a deeper understanding of there feelings on a physical and subtle level which can then help me help them. She is currently helping my youngster have more confidence in his own abilities. I’m very grateful to have found such a gifted lovely lady.
I would highly recommend her to anyone for equines or themselves.

Arabella S
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