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Monday Evening Chill-

7.30-8.30pm(GMT - UK Time)

Relax & Meditate
£9 for drop in weekly class.

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Come and join me and treat yourself to an hour of pure 'me time', with a chance to relax and learn some basic meditation skills.

We first scan through the body letting go of tension and busyness from your day, before moving onto a basic mindfulness meditation focusing on the breath. I guide you throughout, so no problem if you haven't meditated before. We finish the session with a guided journey, where I will invite you to lay down if you wish.
Singing Bowl
Benefits of Meditation
  • Increased relaxation
  • Encourages better sleep
  • Increased focus ability
  • Taking time out for self-care
  • Development of patience
  • Commitment to self-growth
Make sure you have a quiet space where you can relax both sitting and laying down, as we will be journeying for the last part of the session.

As this is an online session, if you have a busy household, I would suggest using headphones if possible, to help you disconnect from your home routine and drop into the class

Client Testimonial - Online Class

Wow that meditation was deep! How wonderful we get to connect and expand our consciousness from here to Peru! Magic!! I'm so blissed out. I don't think I'll move for the rest of the night, thankyou Natalie!


Jenna P 

Client Testimonial - Online Class

I found the session very relaxing and a really liked the way you led each of the three sections. The structure was helpful particularly in stopping my mind wandering and also meant that I got a benefit from each one.

Thank you.


Kay N 

Client Testimonial

I love Natalie's meditation classes, they are perfect for relaxation and managing anxiety. She is so calm, warm and nurturing as a person that you can't help but feel healed just from being in her presence.


Becci S 

Client Testimonial

Lovely, relaxing meditation session to clear the mind! Always feel very chilled afterwards. Thank you.


Sam C 

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