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Full Moon
Despacho Ceremony

March 24th 2024
1.00pm - 3.00pm
at Pachananda Retreat Centre, Cusco

Come and join us for this beautiful ceremony in the Q’ero tradition at the time of the full moon, releasing that which no longer serves us. Sitting in circle with Pampamesayocs Luiz and Juan Quispe, we will have the opportunity to send our prayers out to the world, connect in 'Ayni' or reciprocity, not only to bring harmony within us but also to recognise harmony in the wider world.

A time for honouring the sacred lands we walk on, calling on the support and guidance of the Apus, the sacred elements and allies, mother earth and father sun, and aligning us with our own intentions and that for the wider world, dreaming the word into being that we wish to see, for not only ourselves, but for our children and children's children.  A time to honour the ancestors for all that they created for us and to take our place as stewards of the earth.


Despacho Luiz & Juan.jpeg
Despacho Luiz & Juan
Journey stone steps
Despacho hats
Despacho Ceremony Luiz and Juan
Heart connection leaf on mesa cloth
Cleanse with Palo Santo
Despacho Ceremony Luiz and Juan.png

Come with a willingness to open to the Andean medicine, the prayers to Pachamama, the Apus, Inti titi and more, let your heart open to this ancient practice from the mountains of the Sacred Valley and be part of the healing!

To be held at Pachananda Retreat Centre, Cusco
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