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Shamanism Answering the Call - Part 2

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Is someone there?

So when we start to notice 'meaningful coincidences' the first thing we do of course, is to question and more often than not, just dismiss any possibility of there being any type of deeper meaning, connection or relevance to what we experience. I know I did for a long time. Many years ago, I suffered a psychosis leading to being hospitalized (which I actually see now, was one the dark nights of the soul that would lead me onto this path), and this was a major source of mistrust and continual questioning of anything remotely non-ordinary. I went on to study Psychology at degree level as wanted to understand what had happened to me back then, and more about the mind and its fantastical states. I came to see that the fundamental training and understanding was based on various models such as behavioral (conditioning) psychodynamic (childhood experiences) and biological (the idea that mental health issues are based around pathology and need to be suppressed or fixed) to name a few. But none of these brought in any of the Eastern philosophy of subtle energy, divine presence/connection through spiritual practice in it's many forms, or even quantum understanding, which of course is a growing area of scientific enquiry. I always found this interesting that there wasn't an overlap with ancient knowledge or at least a foundation where it could be brought in to sit alongside scientific exploration. It seemed obvious to me to bring these two together, but there was a very clear divide and still is in common thought.

This broadly scientific way of thinking is what's underpinned almost everything in our social structures, resulting in a patriarchal model, which doesn't really place any emphasis on the 'unseen' non-ordinary, spiritual connection of self, other and environment. This has led to our mindsets often being conditioned into the idea that 'if we can't see it or measure it statistically, then its not real or valid'.

This observation comes with no blame or contentious thinking, but just that its out of balance. Many might think that connecting with spirit, feeling into subtle energy and believing in ourselves having a soul energy, to be airy-fairy, a load of rubbish or many other terms I've heard along my path, but that's ok. My view and belief along my path has come over time, through experience and repeated happenings which have led me to draw certain conclusions. It has helped me develop my world and my life and I'm certainly not here to tell people what they should believe. But I do feel that in speaking my own truth and if it resonates with you and others, then it's an invitation to explore - like seeing a path that hasn't been walked by yourself as yet, and its your choice to see if its interesting to you and whether you want to take steps along it.

Woman sat in a field
Questions about Life

So coming back to my two examples of being called towards Buddhism and Shamanism, my ability to start to trust that these things were showing up on my path for a reason, started to grow as I paid more attention. I remembered I'd read a book in '96 called The Celestine Prophecy. It was given to me by a friend at the time and it's a fictional story about some manuscripts that had been found in Peru (I really had no recall of it being set in Peru until recently when I bought it again as it had been coming into my mind lately), but I was reminded over and over through the years of the concept James Redfield had written about. That people and situations will be presented to you that are of benefit. I remember at the time of reading the book, that the story in general was pretty cool and blew my mind a bit. Although it was fiction, there was something about the story that seemed to resonate with me, somewhere deep inside that I couldn't put my finger on, but somehow felt like it sat well, right in my centre somewhere. Back then I had no concept of subtle energy, a path of any kind or anything particularly spiritual. I'd been to a few tarot card readers but that was the extent of my 'going against the norm' or the general consensus!

But it wasn't until I met shamanism, that this concept started to open up much more. I'd already been practicing within Buddhism for several years, and one of my now dear friends I'd met within the tradition was from South America and she gave me a cloth that was traditional for them and she wanted me to have it as a gift. I thought it lovely and was really grateful to her, but had put it in a drawer and didn't really have a particular use for it at the time, other than thinking it beautiful. It would be five years later that I met with Andean Shamanism and as part of our training, we were invited to bring a cloth that would become our Mesa. The word roughly translating to alter - or table in Spanish. It would become our medicine bundle, carrying the stones we brought to our journey of training and healing that would become Kuya's, stones that had transformed the heavy energy of wounds (hucha) held within the light body of our clients and transferred it to the stone as we worked, bringing the gift and the new energy of growth and expansion, which brought the stones to their new role as a Kuya. I decided to take my cloth as my medicine bundle cloth that would hold my stones. It was only as I started to see more and more of this tradition, that I realised these cloths were used very much by The Q'ero people who held the medicine I was now being taught.

Mesa Colours
Mesa Rainbow Cloth

I wonder if you can think of any times in your life where something seemed uncannily linked to a series of other things, whether conversations, or something he heard and then read about, etc etc. Have a think and see if you can think of a time!

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