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Shamanism - Where next?

Reading about my path in shamanism and the meaningful coincidences that I’ve come to observe, may have you thinking, ‘well they all sound amazing, but that’s because you are on a healing path’, or maybe ‘I love reading this stuff, but my life is pretty average and going to work, dealing with the kids and getting the weekly shop, doesn’t include this kind of experience and thinking’?

As I mentioned a few posts ago, this way of living in my opinion isn’t just for a few that choose to be on a particular path, but a way of being that every single person can observe in their own life if they wish. This way of living isn’t so much about being a healer, being on a ‘spiritual path’ in the traditional sense (although I tend to think of everyone being on a spiritual path as to me ‘spiritual is not separate from our daily life, a spiritual being leading a human life) or being ANYTHING that is separate from daily experience, but IS the daily experience. How we have come to be so disconnected from the idea we could possibly be spiritual beings in this very life, has come from so many different layers, but for me there is a fundamental reason. We have forgotten how to be in relationship with our life, our environment, our path. We tend to see that life ‘just happens’ it happens TO US, we have a few areas where we make choices, but ultimately, we aren’t an active participant with the ability to have an impact on our experience. This type of belief comes from our disconnection from our fundamental life energy and ‘source connection’.

View of Mountain at Macchu Picchu
Mountain view from Macchu Picchu

Our focus has subconsciously been on ‘surviving’ and our nervous systems tell us this is our main concern. We often have a belief that we are more evolved than that now and that our instinctual selves aren’t really active or playing much of a part anymore, but they are still there, and with the addition of the ‘emotional brain’ or the amygdala, we are very much in a hamster wheel of automated action and reaction. We plan into the future as much as possible and we try to predict any possible thing that could happen, go wrong, be unfavourable and then create all manner of things to counter these happenings. For similar reasons, we also like familiar things, whether that’s routines and behaviours, people who are similar to us, and who don’t ‘threaten’ the status quo. That all seems great right, seems like a perfect way to maintain what we need and want and should bring about a happy peaceful existence. But it doesn’t does it? The flaw in this way of thinking and acting is that it’s a bit automated, there is not much relationship to possibility and it’s born out of a need to control. There is no interaction with potential beyond that which we can see and interaction with the universe at large is practically unheard of. In the Q’ero language, the medicine people talk about ‘Ayni’ which can be roughly translated to reciprocity. It speaks of a way of living that is in right relationship with ourselves, others and our environment. This kind of reciprocity is not just about saying thank you when you’re at the shop or when you offer for friends to come for dinner, but a deeper connection of giving and receiving. This deeper connection starts to develop, when you combine several things.

Gratitude – Deep Listening – Connection

I will be having a look at each of these in a bit more detail over the next couple of posts.

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