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Answering the Call - Part 1

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Just Coincidence,,,,,,,,,,

What do I mean by 'Answering the Call'?

Throughout my path of shining light on my inner world, growing, and unlearning what I thought was real, possible, valid or of benefit, I've come to the understanding that the universe is in communication with us ALL the TIME. Not just me, not just spiritual teachers, guru's, spiritual healers, channels, yoga students etc etc, the list goes on - but ALL OF US, ALL OF THE TIME. Just have a feel into that statement for a moment...................... The universe is talking to us all of the time, our soul too, but I tend to see these two things as one in the same, the soul as a holographic fragment of the larger whole (universe) but that has all the same information in it. And so what is the call, what could that even mean, and how to you pick up the phone, how do you answer the call?

When I met with the teachings of The Qe'ro around 12 years ago I didn't find them by chance, I'd been guided to them and it wasn't the first time this had happened. You may think that this is all a matter of perspective and perhaps it is in some ways, but let me tell you more of the story and how once I started taking more notice of the way this 'guidance' happened, it became clearer and more obvious. In 2006 I'd been finishing the final year of my Psychology & Health Science degree and my dissertation was on Meditation and it's transformative effects. Some of my interviewees were members of a Buddhist tradition, who's centre wasn't too far from my Uni in Bristol. I'd come by them as one of the centre teachers was teaching at the Uni, so I asked if I could interview her. She agreed and also invited me to the centre for lunch and to interview a few more participants both lay and ordained. Around the same time a few weeks before, I'd been in Waterstones, using one of my favourite 'divination' methods (and I use that term loosely as it was more a bit of fun - so I thought), of asking to be shown a book that I needed. I reached out and saw a book called Mahamudra Tantra (not the sexual kind!) I read the forward on the cover and thought, hmmm I'm not sure why that would be relevant, but ok I'll give it a shot. I didn't know the author, but I trusted my 'source' advice and bought the book.

Natalie with Mesa at sacred site of Moray in Peru
Monks hands

The trip to the Buddhist Centre was lovely, I was really struck by the kind demeanor of the residents there, they were super friendly and the dahl curry was just so tasty! I hadn't really been in a community living setting like this, much less a Buddhist Centre, but there was a simplicity there that really intrigued me and quite inspired me aswell. I stayed to listen to one of the classes and thought that maybe it would be somewhere I'd be interested to visit again,,,,,,,,,,,,sometime.

I didnt return there any time soon, and it came to the end of the course, it was May, Id submitted my dissertation and I'd completed three years of University and was feeling pretty chuffed with myself. I was ready to go and take a bit of me time, so I searched on the internet, just randomly looking for somewhere I could volunteer, somewhere like a retreat or something, I didn't really have much idea, just that I wanted to relax, but be active, and that was cheap! I saw a place online, it was just outside Northampton, it was also a Buddhist centre and I could go and help out in return for my board and food. Sounded perfect, so I went and had an amazing time. Whilst there, I sat in a gompa for the first time, a teaching and prayer/puja room that had statues of the deities of the tradition and representation of their spiritual guide and I immediately had tears coming to the surface, I felt somehow unworthy or out of place there, but felt so welcomed at the same time. It was extra-ordinary and unexpected! On talking to a few people there about my recent journey with Uni, I realised that the centre I'd visited in Bristol, was infact the same tradition as the centre I now found myself at, and after looking at some of the books there, I realised that the book I'd bought recently was by their spiritual guide. I thought this too much of a co-incidence to be just that and always marveled at that little turn of events.

But it wasn't until it happened again, that I felt that when I'm supposed to be somewhere I get 'called in' or guided straight there. In 2011, I had done the same in Waterstones (I used to do it alot!! I now tend to ask my guides/inner channel), reached out and asked 'show me what I need'. I saw a book called Soul Retrieval by Alberto Villoldo, he was a shamanic healer from America who had worked with shamans in South America. I thought that was pretty cool but was just drawn to the practices he talked about in the book and did a few of the journeys. At the same time I wanted to find out more information on the nature of being empathic (more sensitive to the subtle energy of myself, others and my environment). There's alot of information in this now, but back then there wasn't much available on the internet. I came across a lady in the U.S who I really liked the vibe and writing style of her site, and decided to contact her. She was also a shamanic practitioner and started to offer me a few techniques and things I could do, and for a month or two was like a bit of a mentor. I was becoming more interested in this work but she wasn't really doing much 1-2-1 work as had focused more on her writing, but had agreed to do this as could see I was in need. One day she said, you might be interested if you wanted to do something face to face to contact someone who trained with me, but she's in the UK. I agreed as would like to go to see what a healing session was like, and thought she could be anywhere in the UK but just happened to be 30 miles down the road from me in Reading! What's the chances right? Plus who do you think her and the original person in the U.S had trained under? Of course - the author of the book I'd been shown again in Waterstones, Alberto Villoldo!

Continued in Part 2 in the next post.......

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