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Shamanic Path: Gratitude

Shamanic Path: Hearing the Call

On Thursday I made the trip to Apu Ausangate and it was the most extraordinary experience. Don Pasqual, his son and nephew (both in their twenties) accompanied me, they spoke quechua most of the journey and were laughing so much together, it was really lovely. As we got closer, and the peaks were in view I started crying. Something similar to when I was here before and visited Rainbow Mountain but could see the peak of Ausangate. When we arrived, again more tears and somehow could remember a different path coming in, not the one we came on. 


Once walking I felt a very deep sense of calm like I’d been here many times before. The views and sceneries were breathtaking! My soul was stirring, the place felt like it had its arms around me and i repeatedly heard ‘welcome, we are here for you’. I felt the ‘we’ were spirit that I have connected with back home in UK who are a collective of energy and name themselves ‘we are love’. 

Us walking to make fire
Walking to Abuelito Ausangate

As Don Pasqual and his son and nephew built my despacho, it started to rain. It got a bit wet plus some liquid was spilt, but he remained sooo patient. Also, the soft tranquil energy that was created whilst they built it was very strong and palpable. This alone was energetically sooo comforting and healing and to see these younger members of the Q’ero community embracing their roots with such love and interest was beyond beautiful. To have three males guiding this process for me felt VERY healing. 


We walked to the actual peak, past stunningly beautiful emerald green/blue waters and here I was cleansed with my own despacho and placed it in the fire. Here I was also given a Karpay, an energetic download called into my crown and lightbody from Ausangate. Again, similar to my breathwork journey before, more spontaneous movements and tears as I received the energy. (I have received karpay energy before, last time in Peru with my teacher, but nothing like this). It felt like fire and water at once and my whole body felt it opened to receive this new flow. 

Qero making despacho
Don Pasqual, his son and nephew making despacho for me

Don Pasqual asked me to sit for 30 minutes infront of Ausangate and meditate. Here I swayed with tears as the energy continued to arrive and integrate. I heard messages from the abuelito apu and felt super comforted as I could feel my own spirit expanding into my body. He guided me and comforted me as so much energy, sensation and love flowed through me. It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I have taken a few days to sit with this download and the following day met another Q'ero who it looks like I will be learning more from. This path continues to open a world of deep love and service and I am excited to bring this into my work with others.

Me infront of Ausangate
Holding Abuelito Ausangate in my crown!

This experience was one of those peak moments in life, but it has also made me recognise even more deeply that our life is a path of realising the extraordinary, the spiritual aspect of our being and the relationship with nature that has been largely forgotten. And when I talk of this, I don't just mean the 'aww what a beautiful scene, or mmm I feel nice after being in that woodland or at the beach. But I mean the actual relationship we have, the remembrance that all is animated by spirit, that a giving and receiving with nature is the same as with any relationship with other humans. It's something that is grown and developed. My gratitude for the land that is holding me, for the guidance and love I felt pouring out of the mountain Ausangate is very real. A practice of gratitude and reciprocity needs to be offered by all of us. If we are to restore balance in and around us, gratitude is one of the first and fundamental practices we can offer. I encourage you to start, every morning and every night before bed, just listing out some things you are grateful for, from the simple thankyou for the food I ate earlier, to thankyou for my body, the birds, my family and anything you think of.

Feeling the need to work with me for Lightbody Clearing?

I am offering online sessions whilst here in Peru, if you feel called to work with me, then please click the below link to go to my shamanic session page.

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